Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Font's Secret Passage

September 6, 1650

Ahmet, Nine-toes, and Lukas entered the tomb. They encountered a giant mink, which seriously injured Ahmet, but was eventually overcome with the help of Lukas. The adventurers just had time to hide before the arrival of a massive Dwarf (4'3", 180) carrying a double-bladed short ax and trailed by a second giant mink. The Dwarf called for the slain mink, but when it did not come, he did not seem to be troubled, and left. Ahmet initially wanted to pursue the Dwarf, but was convinced by the others that this was folly given the fighter's wounds. The party then returned to Arnsberg.

X.P.: 788 (total: 5,755)

Treasure: None.

Other: None.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Morning in Arnsberg

September 5, 1650

Ahmet, Nine-toes, and Lukas searched the Arnsberg for any sign of the Bishop. After learning of a secret entrance in a nearby forest, they came upon a disused cemetery. As Ahmet attempted to open the tomb, two ghouls attacked. The party managed to kill both, but Ahmet and Nine-toes were injured. Ahmet then forced open the tomb door and they entered to find stairs leading down.

X.P.: 533 (total: 4,967)

Treasure: None.

Other: About 10 caltrops found in the tomb and taken by Lukas.