Saturday, October 27, 2012

High Alpen Above Innsbruck

October 25, 1650

Ahmet, Andrej, Lukas, and Janos witness the death of a small child after she is accidentally kicked by a knight's horse. Andrej and Lukas take her to a priest, who senses evil and tells them to take her away. The four take her out of town to bury her in the mountains. That night, they are attacked by an undead creature known as a kyussite, a mummy-like creature. A maggot from the creature launches itself and lands on Ahmet's face, causing such intense pain that he passes out. The creature is killed and Ahmet and the girl's body are brought back to town. This time the priest performs an exorcism on Ahmet, curing him, and allows the girl to be buried in consecrated ground.

X.P.: 1,211 (Total: 17,052)

Treasure: None

Other: None

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Palace in Lubeck

October 7, 1650

After five passages through the dimensional door, the party arrives in Eastern Europe. Eventually they travel back to Lubeck, where Hornung informs them that his armies were victorious over the Archbishop. Ahmet is presented with a jeweled Mameluke sword with a metal scabbard inlaid with leather. It is the sword that Ahmed Kemaleddin, better known as Kemel Reis, exchanged with the Doge of Venice in 1503, as a sign of peace between the Ottomans and the Venetians. It is named Dilmek, and had come into the Archbishop's possession. Hornung feels now that the weapon should return to the Turks, with his blessing. (Scimitar +1) The group also is presented with 2,000 g.p., and with a box containing a parchment tied with a ribbon; a ring; a chain and a small medallion. The ring is carved in the shape of a stamp; the medallion and it both have the same symbol, that of a nine-ray star. The chain is really three chains entwined, and designed to be worn with the medallion. The document, when unrolled and read by Lukas, is the deed to the isles of Upper and Lower Koufonisi. Hornung is quick to point out that this land does not confer any title - but it does give the right for the members of the party to tax the 288 residents, all of whom dwell upon Upper Koufonisi, almost all in the village of Chora on the southwest corner of that island. Together, the islands are called "Koufonisia," and are within the realm of Venetia, near the coast and within the authority of Naxos, among the Cyclades islands of Greece.
X.P.: 3,557 (Total: 15,841)

Treasure: As above

Other: None

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Tarn

September 11, 1650

Ahmet, Andrej, Lukas, and Janos are spotted in the Stinger Tower by a rider aboard a large bird called a Tarn. Ahmet fired two crossbow bolts at the rider, hitting him (or the Tarn), but not killing it. Eventually the group fled into a dimensional door as reinforcements arrived.
X.P.: 231 (Total: 12,284)

Treasure: None

Other: None

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tower Crown

September 11, 1650

Ahmet, Andrej, Lukas, and Janos climb into the Stinger Tower and fight eight soldiers. They eventually kill or capture all of them, taking the Stinger out of the fight.
X.P.: 3,016 (Total: 12,053)

Treasure: 185 g.p.

Other: Two healing salves

Friday, May 4, 2012

Below the Stairs

September 11, 1650

Ahmet, Andrej, Lukas, and the Dwarves searched the corpses and coins and weapons worth a total of 4,357 g.p., 10 s.p. and 2 c.p. This is divided in half with the Dwarves, then in thirds for the party members.

X.P.: 798 (Total: 9,037)

Treasure: TBD

Other: None

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Against the Kobolds

September 11, 1650

Ahmet, Andrej, Lukas, and the Dwarves battled an army of Kobolds. Almost all of the party suffered serious injuries, but eventually, all the Kobolds were slain.

X.P.: 1,731 (Total: 8,239. Level 4!)

Treasure: None

Other: None

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Otyugh Battle Ends

September 11, 1650

Ahmet, Andrej, Lukas, and a large number of friendly Dwarves entered the caverns below the Bishop's palace as Herr Hornung's troops launched a frontal assault. They encountered a foul creature -- a Neo-Otyugh -- which was eventually slain, though Ahmet and several dwarves were injured, and Joost was killed. Klaas was so unnerved by the encounter that he was reduced to being a baggage carrier, refusing to come close to the enemy. Nevertheless, the party continued deeper into the caverns.

X.P.: 753 (Total: 6,508)

Treasure: None

Other: None

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Font's Secret Passage

September 6, 1650

Ahmet, Nine-toes, and Lukas entered the tomb. They encountered a giant mink, which seriously injured Ahmet, but was eventually overcome with the help of Lukas. The adventurers just had time to hide before the arrival of a massive Dwarf (4'3", 180) carrying a double-bladed short ax and trailed by a second giant mink. The Dwarf called for the slain mink, but when it did not come, he did not seem to be troubled, and left. Ahmet initially wanted to pursue the Dwarf, but was convinced by the others that this was folly given the fighter's wounds. The party then returned to Arnsberg.

X.P.: 788 (total: 5,755)

Treasure: None.

Other: None.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Morning in Arnsberg

September 5, 1650

Ahmet, Nine-toes, and Lukas searched the Arnsberg for any sign of the Bishop. After learning of a secret entrance in a nearby forest, they came upon a disused cemetery. As Ahmet attempted to open the tomb, two ghouls attacked. The party managed to kill both, but Ahmet and Nine-toes were injured. Ahmet then forced open the tomb door and they entered to find stairs leading down.

X.P.: 533 (total: 4,967)

Treasure: None.

Other: About 10 caltrops found in the tomb and taken by Lukas.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Apple Quarter

September 4, 1650

Ahmet, Andrej and Nine-toes searched the Apple Quarter for a man and a woman who may be connected to Fatima's kidnapping. Found instead a man who attempted to knife Ahmet, then ran. Ahmet, with the help of a mysterious man named Franz, captured the man and turned him over to Herr Hornung. All signs point to the Bishop being somehow connected to Fatima's kidnapping.

X.P.: 457 (total: 4,434. Now Level 3!)

Treasure: 18 g.p., 24 s.p. (turned over to community pot)

Gear: One suit of magical studded leather armor (held onto for now); one cloak, one pair of hard boots with silver buckles, one sabre, two daggers (put on cart)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On to Munster

September 3, 1650

Ahmet, Nine-toes, and Andrej journey to M√ľnster to deliver the glass bird to Heironymous Pegley Kiddpuddle. Kiddpuddle, an eccentric, fascinating man, has a huge collection of exotic birds in his mushroom-shaped home. Taking the glass bird from Andrej, he tosses it into the air -- and it becomes a real bird. He informs the party that it is not the glass bird which was magical, but rather his home. He wishes each adventurer "good luck" and shakes his hand. Almost immediately, each meets an old associate in a rather amazing series of coincidences... leading the party to believe Herr Kiddpuddle's parting words carried more weight than they thought.

X.P.: 500 (total: 3,977)

Treasure: None.

Other: None.