Monday, December 2, 2013

The Glowing Wolf

March 12, 1651

Ahmet, Maximilian, and Lukas are traveling to a market in Constantinople when Lukas abruptly disappears. After an investigation, Ahmet and Maximilian find a blind gnome who says Lukas is being questioned. Later, the gnome says Lukas is in danger and offers his staff to Ahmet and Maximilian. Upon grasping the staff, the two -- and the gnome -- are transported to the ethereal plane, where they encounter a glowing wolf. Ahmet slays the wolf. However, the gnome claims being attacked by the wolf would have returned them to their own plane. Eventually the gnome returns the three to their own time. Ahmet seems to think he was in some kind of Christian Purgatory, and is shaken by the idea that he will spend eternity in such a boring place.

X.P.: 209 (total 22,504)
Treasure: None

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Battle Against Boroge

February 2, 1651

After paying a ransom to the bandits, Ahmet, Andrej, Lukas, and Sofia -- now joined by a fighter named Enrico and his two hirelings, Tazio and Carlito, and a druid named Maximillian and his hireling Mareo -- journey to the coast where they find Madame Salvador, who agrees to convey them to Turkey. However, en route they stop on the island of Zakynthos. There they are told of a fierce monster in a cave that devours local children. The party ventures into the cave and encounters Boroge, a five-headed hydra. All in the party are heavily wounded but Boroge is slain.

Ahmet's X.P.: 3,567 (Total: 22,295)
Enrico's X.P.: 1,359 (Total: 1,359)

Ahmet's Treasure: 269 GP, 61 SP, 48 CP, a short sword with a pommel of amber stones, and an engraved helmet.
Enrico's Treasure: Flail +1, Plate Mail, Hand Axe, 135 GP, 31 SP, 25 CP.

Carlito's Treasure: Scale Mail, 67 GP, 15 SP, and 12 CP. Of the gold coins, 36 GP covers Carlito's salary for January, February, and March, with the remainder as a bonus.

Tazio's Treasure: Ring Mail, Large Shield, 67 GP, 15 SP, and 12 CP. Of the gold coins, 36 GP covers Tazio's salary for January, February, and March, with the remainder as a bonus.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Isarco Road

October 31, 1650

Journeying through the Italian Alps, Ahmet, Andrej, Lukas, and Sofia are attacked by a band of powerful bandits. The party fights bravely but the bandits prove too much for them. The leader of the bandits, a man named Hadji Lazaro, tells the group he will take 80 gold pieces from each and a weapon. The others yield but Ahmet refuses to give up his scimitar, Dilmek. Lazaro says they will bury Ahmet with the blade -- which Ahmet interprets as a promise to return it. He agrees to the terms and surrenders.
X.P.: 1,676 (Total: 18,728 -- now 5th Level!)

Treasure: None

Other: None