Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It Hasn't Ended Yet in Engelke

August 25-26, 1650

Ahmet, Nine-toes, Silvius, and Andrej hole up in the inn as Engelke is plundered by the pirates. Two of the surviving guards, named Joost and Klaas, pledge loyalty to Silvius and Nine-toes, respectively, at a cost of 9 g.p. per month. The Pirate Queen, Madam Salvador, gives the party a small wooden box containing a glass bird and instructs them to deliver it to Heironymous Pegley Kiddpuddle in M√ľnster. She also gives them 250 g.p. to split among the party.

X.P.: 68 (total: 3,909)

Treasure: 62 g.p.

Other: None.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Stable

August 25, 1650

Ahmet, Andrej, Nine-toes, and Silvius return to Engelke and see many townspeople are fleeing. In the distance, a number of pirate ships (reportedly under the command of Enrico Baptista) can be seen entering the harbor. The four run to the stables to retrieve their horses and wagon. Eleven watchmen enter the stables before they can leave and demand they turn over their horses. The adventurers refuse and a battle commences. Ahmet slays two guards and incapacitates a third. Then four pirates arrive, plus their leader, a female pirate named Madam. The pirates attack, and the party joins forces with the remaining guards. Ahmet seriously injures two of the pirates, and even gets in a good hit on the Madam, but he and the rest of the party are also heavily damaged. Madam finally calls for a truce. The party learns she is Victor's widow.

X.P.: 924 (total: 2,985)

Treasure: None.

Other: None.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Devereaux's House and the Gem

August 25, 1650

Ahmet, Andrej, Nine-toes, and Silvius journey to Devereaux's house in an attempt to find the last resting place of Lebeau. The man is insane and living in a house full of traps; eventually, however, the party manages to overcome him.

X.P.: 517 (total: 2,072. Now level 2!)

Treasure: 336 g.p., 2060 s.p. and 55 c.p. (each)

Other: A cursed gem turned over to Lebeau; a magic keg and a mysterious set of magic keys taken by Andrej; a heavy crossbow taken by Ahmet.