Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It Hasn't Ended Yet in Engelke

August 25-26, 1650

Ahmet, Nine-toes, Silvius, and Andrej hole up in the inn as Engelke is plundered by the pirates. Two of the surviving guards, named Joost and Klaas, pledge loyalty to Silvius and Nine-toes, respectively, at a cost of 9 g.p. per month. The Pirate Queen, Madam Salvador, gives the party a small wooden box containing a glass bird and instructs them to deliver it to Heironymous Pegley Kiddpuddle in M√ľnster. She also gives them 250 g.p. to split among the party.

X.P.: 68 (total: 3,909)

Treasure: 62 g.p.

Other: None.

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