Thursday, January 3, 2013

Isarco Road

October 31, 1650

Journeying through the Italian Alps, Ahmet, Andrej, Lukas, and Sofia are attacked by a band of powerful bandits. The party fights bravely but the bandits prove too much for them. The leader of the bandits, a man named Hadji Lazaro, tells the group he will take 80 gold pieces from each and a weapon. The others yield but Ahmet refuses to give up his scimitar, Dilmek. Lazaro says they will bury Ahmet with the blade -- which Ahmet interprets as a promise to return it. He agrees to the terms and surrenders.
X.P.: 1,676 (Total: 18,728 -- now 5th Level!)

Treasure: None

Other: None

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