Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Wraith

April 14, 1651

While on the road to Melitene in Lukas's new vardo, Ahmet, Lukas, Andrej, Maximillian, Mareo, and Hichem stop to rest. Soon they are greeted by a friendly orc who informs them that their mule is dead and that they are in a bad area. As they try to get the vardo moving with a mule conjured by Lukas, a wraith attacks Mareo, killing him. Then the creature attacks Maximillian. Ahmet and the others eventually drive it off, but there is no hope for Mareo. Ahmet then encouters an old friend, Mullah Yazigi.

X.P.: 231 (total 22,735)
Treasure: None

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