Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On to Munster

September 3, 1650

Ahmet, Nine-toes, and Andrej journey to Münster to deliver the glass bird to Heironymous Pegley Kiddpuddle. Kiddpuddle, an eccentric, fascinating man, has a huge collection of exotic birds in his mushroom-shaped home. Taking the glass bird from Andrej, he tosses it into the air -- and it becomes a real bird. He informs the party that it is not the glass bird which was magical, but rather his home. He wishes each adventurer "good luck" and shakes his hand. Almost immediately, each meets an old associate in a rather amazing series of coincidences... leading the party to believe Herr Kiddpuddle's parting words carried more weight than they thought.

X.P.: 500 (total: 3,977)

Treasure: None.

Other: None.

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