Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Apple Quarter

September 4, 1650

Ahmet, Andrej and Nine-toes searched the Apple Quarter for a man and a woman who may be connected to Fatima's kidnapping. Found instead a man who attempted to knife Ahmet, then ran. Ahmet, with the help of a mysterious man named Franz, captured the man and turned him over to Herr Hornung. All signs point to the Bishop being somehow connected to Fatima's kidnapping.

X.P.: 457 (total: 4,434. Now Level 3!)

Treasure: 18 g.p., 24 s.p. (turned over to community pot)

Gear: One suit of magical studded leather armor (held onto for now); one cloak, one pair of hard boots with silver buckles, one sabre, two daggers (put on cart)

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