Saturday, October 27, 2012

High Alpen Above Innsbruck

October 25, 1650

Ahmet, Andrej, Lukas, and Janos witness the death of a small child after she is accidentally kicked by a knight's horse. Andrej and Lukas take her to a priest, who senses evil and tells them to take her away. The four take her out of town to bury her in the mountains. That night, they are attacked by an undead creature known as a kyussite, a mummy-like creature. A maggot from the creature launches itself and lands on Ahmet's face, causing such intense pain that he passes out. The creature is killed and Ahmet and the girl's body are brought back to town. This time the priest performs an exorcism on Ahmet, curing him, and allows the girl to be buried in consecrated ground.

X.P.: 1,211 (Total: 17,052)

Treasure: None

Other: None

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